by Modok



released July 31, 2011



all rights reserved


Modok Austin, Texas

Ben Snakepit
David DiDonato
Mike Fonseca
Sabrina Ewing

"What happens when a punk-rock chick trades her plaid skirt for some hesher-metal doom chords? MODOK!! For fans of Sabbath, Down, Kyuss, COC. Modok adds a new twist to sludge courtesy of female vox by Applicators singer Sabrina Ewing. Take a nice, long lava bath in the murky metal muck of Modok." ... more

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Track Name: Magneto
I'm gonna scream it from the roof tops
and I'ma sing it to the pine
The court jester of the jungle
and I'ma swing it from the vine
But now I'm gonna tell a secret
and I'ma tell it without words
Electro Magneto the frequency
(__'_ __ _ _____ ____ ___'_ __ _____)

Sense it travel through the distance
Through the cords and through the air
Beneath/Behind the shadow of the hypercube
and to the minions in the lair
But now I'm gonna tell a secret
and I'ma tell it without words
Electro Magneto the frequency
(__'_ __ _ _____ ____ ___'_ __ _____)

I swam the ocean on a starfish
It made me brittle, old and dry
Poor navigation on the air stream
Umbrella blowing in the sky
So now I travel through the ether
From wire to cone to wire to ear
Electro Magneto the frequency
(__'_ __ _ _____ ___ ___ ___ ____)
Track Name: Dorchester Holding
Beyond the Northern Rim, beneath the mountain deep within (millennial vacuum)
Encased in Carbonite, neither dead nor alive (stainless steel womb)
Preserved eternally, engineered maternity (unborn yet not exhumed)
Pod encapsulate in suspended animate, escape the hand of doom
We are the frozen seeds, thermostat at no degrees
Deposits may never return
Unless (until) they drop the ball, and the holy angels fall
Crystals melt in the fall-out burn
So on we hibernate in suspended animate
Lying dormant in limbo we dwell
Buried in permafrost, waiting for the holocaust
We watch the planet descend into Hell
Track Name: Charon
Oar on your left, oar on my right
Circling through the night
Me around you, you around me
It's the silent symphony
On we dance through the night, for their is no day
Sol is so far away
'Tis but a star, viewed from afar
Watching comets decay

We feel the pull, but not the heat
In secrecy - staying discreet
Elliptical path,world without end
Follow gravity's bend
Track Name: Mars 9
Red terrain clashes against the salmon sky
Parachuted oven drops from high
Transmit data -> alien world
Dust storm clouds the camera eye
Cast your sunken crater eye upon this wreckage baking in the cold sun
50,000,000 miles away - cut off from Earth
Before the Vikings, before Mariners
Before the Yankees, we were here first
Blood of our fathers, rust soil of the land
Flag of the workers thrust in the sand
Labcoats calculate trajectory
Atmospheric pressure : gravity
Kruschev's shoe points at the sky
Footnote revisionist histori